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The Oracle Cerner EHR of Military, MHS Genesis, is available to ten thousand more clinicians.

It serves the providers of over 18 military treatment facility commands. It possesses new revenue cycle management mechanisms, facilitating EHR capabilities.

MHS Genesis offers new medical coding, patient accounting, and access capabilities. Also, it consists of patient registration.

The Leidos Partnership for Defense Health and the Department of Defense developed MHS Genesis. It has designed MHS Genesis as well. It has rolled out the latest electronic health records in several regions. Also, it includes South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

Revenue Cycle is an integrated platform. It is going to replace the practices based on paper. Also, it will introduce a medical-driven accounting system for patients. It includes a compact billing database and medical coding software. It will also support the military health system and facilitate EHR capabilities.

Features like electronic data interchange are available. It also possesses an evolved front-end patient registration and identification process.

The DOD is elevating from Tricare Online over military healthcare sectors in the US. Also, it is available overseas. Each of them targets a particular region. They also have an average of numerous clinical locations and 3 hospitals.

About 67% deployment of the Cerner EHR is over, as per the announcement from Leidos. It is, at present, available in over 1800 MHS locations. It also reaches 5.1 million DOD beneficiaries.

The Leidos Partnership includes Henry Schien One and Accenture. It possesses over 35 businesses that support the MHS Genesis delivery and a dental system. Also, it takes care of cybersecurity and identity management.

As per a report, it is going to finish deployment by 2023. It is going to boost the EHR capabilities.

Leidos Partnership is trying to revamp the EHR of the DOD since 2015. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the deployment halted. In the last year, MHS Genesis rolled out in 12 states.

The MHS Genesis leverages best practices, improving the clinical outcomes with every deployment.


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