Oracle Cerner EHR concerns patient harm as per OIG report

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The office of the inspector recalls 150 adverse events about the routing glitch. The concern also follows a patient safety modeling.

The final version of the VA Office of Inspector General’s report discusses the EHR. The deployment concerns the Grandstand VA Medical Center result posted on July 14. However, the note concerning the drafts of the report last month.

The VA watchdog discusses it will be taking a rigorous analysis of the new Veterans Health Administration EHR. It discovered 149 instances of serious patient harm. Also, it characterizes the word “minor” in response to the other detailed IG. It concerns the Oracle Cerner in contract to the queue.

The OIG report clearly explained, “The new EHR’s unknown queue represented an element that ultimately led to thousands of orders for medical care not being delivered to the requested service, placed patients at risk for incomplete care, and caused multiple events of patient harm, Oracle Cerner failed to inform VA end-users of the existence of the unknown queue and put the burden on VA to identify and address the problem.”

The discussion features potential and much-needed concerns. The EHR will go live for the modernization project. The team from the VHA will focus on patient safety. However, it will take hands-on experience from the EHR at Spokane. It is a Washington-based Mann Grandstaff. It has identified a dozen safety concerns in almost nine domains. Also, it will focus on high patient security.

The goal continues to be to capture the provider’s orders. It is trying to identify software from the intended location. The problem is concerning the EHR alert among clinicians. Oracle Cerner will also be updating the new EHR.

Last year, 2021, the new EHR was not able to deliver 11,000 orders. It is as per the OIG report. We will see Oracle Cerner taking a serious decision on the actionable claims.

In February 2022, Oracle again updated the new EHR. It now comes with an alert to providers whenever they try to deliver an order in an unmatched location. There have been many attempts to fix the problem. We will also see an implementation in the upcoming days.


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