Medical informatics has the power to redesign and reconstruct healthcare

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Prof. Wonchul Cha believes digital technologies in the medical field would increase medical professionals’ organized efforts to provide better patient care.

Prof. Wonchul Cha is the keynote speaker at the HIMSS22 Asia-Pacific conference. He believes that medical informatics would help in bridging the wide information gap between patients and medical field professionals.

He elaborates on how there are new devices and solutions coming everyday. At the same time, the processes in hospitals are becoming more digital. Since the cost of digitalization is decreasing, people are expecting better services. He urges professionals to come together to make better use of technology in the medical field.

He also emphasizes that medical informatics is more about knowledge and wisdom. It focuses on information which is the building block of the medical field.

“Physicians are under continuous strain in their interactions with other doctors. Due to information gaps and nurses struggle to deliver appropriate information to doctors. Patients are not given much information to improve decision-making. As a result, patients are often left in the dark. Without having timely information to make their own decisions,” he elucidates.

Prof. Cha has worked in the medical field for more than 20 years. But for him, leading the SMC Digital Innovation Center is the highlight of his career. He was successful in integrating the hospital’s teams involved in digital operations.

With new challenges like climate change and COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty. Innovation in digital technology can tackle the uncertainty. Prof. Cha also says it is important to “build resilient individuals and healthcare systems.”

SMC (Samsung Medical Center) aims to be the world’s best smart hospital. Focusing on innovations in strategy, metaverse, AI, robots, and telehealth. Since much of the journey involves entering uncharted territory. It has been cooperating with regulatory authorities and HIMSS to navigate through it.


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