HIE gets together for interoperability

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HIE is a Michigan-based firm. They collaborated with PointClickCare. The goal is to increase interoperability and data exchange. They are working on emergency departments as well.

HIE or Health Information Network comes from Michigan. The system is a non-profit statewide health information exchange. PointClickCare’s cloud-based software will get integrated. The integration can also provide a constant flow of data on patients. However, the main goal for HIE and other institutions is to bring interoperability to the fore.

MiHIN has partnered with the largest electronic medical record vendor. It can help with post-acute care. It can give 250 new providers and case managers. They canalso help with data and improve interoperability.

There are many systems at play in Michigan. But few healthcare firms can use them. MiHIN wants the focus to be on real-time data. This can also complement interoperability and help with health and care.

Dr. Tim Pletcher is the executive director of MiHIN. He said that PointClickCare is a revolutionary step in healthcare. This system can also provide unrestricted access to data. The scale of this access is going to be huge. However, this can make the digital infrastructure independent.

PointClickCare is also working on emergency departments in hospitals throughout Michigan. The departments are going to have excellent point of care access. The departments can also cater to expecting mothers and heart attack patients. Accident patients and opioid-use cases can also get emergency treatment.

HIE has a big role to play in the realm of public health. California 2022 single data sharing agreement is under the law. It also proposes and expects an info exchange system. But the system seems divided into small parts. HIE comes here and plays the role of a game-changer.

The pandemic made the gaps in data exchange systems wider. This led to many firms researching a solution. Incredible systems like HIE and PCC have found a solution to this problem. Their solution also improves interoperability and data exchange. But still, more research is necessary.


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