Vaccine credentials accords better health interoperability

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The clinical leaders inform the FIHR-enabled immunization. It aims to catalyze data exchange and patient empowerment.

Vaccine credentials enhance the development of public health interoperability. At HIMSS22, clinical and informatics leaders from MITRE and Washington showed management. It featured FIHR-immunization. This management is catalyzing data exchange and patient empowerment nationwide and worldwide.

The Vaccine Credential Initiative was co-founded by MITRE Corporation. Also, others constitute Cerner, Change Healthcare, Epic, Mayo Clinic. Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and others have made big progress. They have made big achievements in new approaches to interoperable record-keeping.

This is a result of public and private partnership collaboration. It encompasses a standard model. This model is honest and universally recognized. It is a digital record of vaccination status.

This will offer more digital access to their vaccination records. It aims to provide service via interoperable SMART Health Cards specification. This specification deals with W3C Verifiable Credential. Also, HL7 FHIR standards are accessible.

These cards initially came up as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These SMART Health Cards are accessible via digital wallet apps as well as QR codes.

These are also key enablers for larger enabled access. They also enable greater control and sharing of verifiable vaccination and other records.

Dr. Brian Anderson and Bryant Karras are going to offer an update on the progress. It is part of the Vaccine Credential Initiative in Orlando at HIMSS22.

They are going to explain how VCI and other projects enabled new opportunities in public health. They will also describe how it will extend to a larger approach. It will enhance health interoperability.

They will also show how an upcoming collaboration with the World Health Organization. Also, the G20 will extend these advancements.

Anderson stated, “What we’re beginning to explore now – and certainly talking to a lot of folks in the federal government and in various state governments, as well as in the private sector – is about the additional use cases that SMART Health Cards can be used for. It doesn’t have to be just about vaccination credentials.”

Hence, it’s essential to establish an international framework. It will be for the specifications of vaccination credentials.


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