AI technology of ASLEEP and Automated Sleep Diary

In this segment of HealthTech icons, Taeyoung Lee, Cofounder at Asleep & Younghoon, Head of Medical Device at Asleep Co Ltd. Discusses the unique point of Asleep as compared to other sleep-tracking technology and how Asleep is changing the whole landscape using its Sleeptrack API.

About Younghoon Cho

Younghoon is the Head of Medical Devices at Asleep Co Ltd and has also worked as ENT specialist for the last many years. He is also the CEO of Clionic Lifecare Clinic.

About Taeyoung Lee

Taeyoung Lee is the Co-founder, Data Lead and COO of ASLEEP and has worked on data engineering and applied AI research. He received his master’s degree in applied AI from Electronic Engineering & bachelor’s degree in physics from KAIST

About Asleep

Asleep’s AI technology utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze sleep stages and detect breath events such as apnea and hypopnea using just a microphone. Our Sleeptrack API allows industry-leading companies to gain insights into their customers’ sleep patterns and create innovative business use cases, using the data collected from the Asleep Sleep Routine app, also known as “airable sleep tracker.”

Our Sleep Routine app, “airable sleep tracker,” has been released in the market and has gained recognition from industry-leading companies such as LG Electronics and Amorepacific, ready to adopt, utilize, and utilize our Sleeptrack API for their business needs.

Asleep’s technology and products have the potential to enrich medical practice by providing accurate sleep data to healthcare providers, enabling them to make informed decisions and personalized treatment plans for their patients. Our AI technology can assist in identifying sleep disorders and monitoring treatment effectiveness, leading to improved patient outcomes.

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