Growth of Remote Patient Monitoring in Oncology – A Deep Dive with Team of Veris Health

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Ankit Prasad, Director of Integration and Support for Veris Health, discusses the growth of remote patient monitoring (RPM) in oncology. He answers key questions about the benefits of RPM for oncology practices, the impact on patient outcomes, and the challenges and opportunities for adoption.

About Ankit Prasad

Ankit Prasad is the director of Integration and Support at Veris Health. Prior to Veris Health, he spent close to a decade at Epic where he served various technical, customer, and executive roles. Mostly recently of which was heading the customer success team where he oversaw and directed the success initiatives happening across the various applications in the Epic ecosystem. He now works at the innovative start-up Veris Health which is bringing digital health to cancer care.

About Veris Health

Veris is a commercial-stage digital health company whose Veris Cancer Care Platform™ (Veris CCP) is designed to enhance personalized cancer care through remote patient monitoring. Patients enrolled on the platform receive a VerisBox™ containing Bluetooth-enabled connected health care devices that transmit real-time physiologic data to the cloud-based Veris CCP clinician portal. The patients also report symptoms and quality of life parameters through the Veris CCP patient smartphone app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The clinician portal is designed to be integrated into the oncology practice and allows the cancer care team to review physiologic and clinical data, and to bill for RPM services. The software-as-a-service recurring-revenue business model delivers near-term value at attractive margins to both Veris and its clients. The company is concurrently developing an implantable physiological monitor, with biologic sensors and wireless communication, designed to be implanted alongside a chemotherapy port, which will interface with the Veris Cancer Care Platform.

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