Remote Patient Monitoring swells during Pandemic

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Remote patient monitoring services have soared in value during the Pandemic. They have been diagnosed with many diseases, such as hypertension. As a result, many companies are also working on their RPM services.

As per researchers, Remote patient monitoring has surged during the pandemic. It was 91 claims per 100,000 in Feb 2020. It rose to 594 claims per 100,000 in Sept 2021.

The study also involved Medicare beneficiaries. JAMA internal medicine published these results.

The study looked for remote patient monitoring CPT codes. Researchers took data from Jan 1, 2018, to 30 Sept 2021. They found a massive 555% jump in RPM use.

They also worked on how these remote patient monitoring services came into use. Finally, they also analyzed which practitioners were using these services.

During the period mentioned above, Primary care clinicians provided 63.1% RPM services. Cardiologists provided 19.7% of the services. Pulmonology specialists gave way to 4.1% of these services.

Hypertension was the most common disease identified by remote patient monitoring services. It accounted for 62.5% of the services used.

Diabetes made up 8.3% of the services used. Sleep disorders accounted for 3.9% of RPM services. High cholesterol used up to 3.5% of the services.

RPM and its growth can have a significant impact on our healthcare system. This includes both the physical health and the mental health department.

If the growth of RPM services continues, the impact on cost will be tremendous. Hypertension or High BP is a major medical problem these days. The high cost can have a serious effect on its diagnosis.

Researchers have pointed out the potential benefits of RPM services. They must have a balance with their corresponding cost. They have said that some targeted use cases have shown positive signs.

Researchers noted that they need to do more work on RPM services. They said that it is important to identify RPM’s best-case scenarios. They also wished to know if any group is not receiving these services.

Many companies are working on and improving their RPM services. Biofourmis, Withings, and Alio are some of them. In addition, Digital Medicine Society also released four toolkits.


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