RPM virtual sitting is as good as in-person care

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UMass Memorial Health has proved that RPM is as good as in-person care. Remote patient monitoring allows the health system to keep patient safety intact. Also, it reduces labor-pool costs. 

In Central Massachusetts, UMass Memorial Health is the biggest health system. Also, it is a partner of UMass Chan Medical School. The RPM experts possess the right experience in behavioral health, children, cardiology, cancer, etc. The experienced caregivers also hold a forte in surgery, pulmonology, neurology, vascular care, and more.

UMass Memorial Health has used technology to augment bedside care in person. Its tele-ICU model performs remote monitoring of over 150 people across central Massachusetts.

It has gained experience and demonstrated high-quality outcomes. Also, it decided to consider a similar approach in lower-acuity care settings. It needs constant and direct of at-risk patients.

UMAss Memorial has selected Caregility as its vendor for video integration. The purpose is to enhance the aging fleet of the health system of ICU cameras.

At a high pace, telehealth and RPM became a way of contact precaution over the in-patient care settings. This took place more during the pandemic. Caregility-equipped UMass memorial with 100 APS250 mobile telehealth carts. Caregility made cost-effective solutions and looked for rapid ways to expand telehealth.

iObserver is best when it comes to RPM. The user interface also comes with the necessary functionality and features. Experts are putting efforts to retrofit the Caregility carts with IR sensors for night vision. This ideal solution rose at a high pace.

The Nursing leadership and the nursing informatics team worked with Caregility and IT. This collaboration also resulted in a care model driving cost-savings and efficiency. Also, it boosts patient care.

It is essential to make use of the limited resources in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Remote monitoring of patients facilitates central management of the large patient population.

A virtual sitter can improve quality care while reducing labor costs and staffing demands. It is also essential to meet the demands at present.


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