Short walking breaks can offset the risks of sitting too much: Study

We already know that there is a considerable risk of sitting on our desk too much and if we don’t exercise regularly, it can lead not only to obesity but other health problems over a period of time as well. While most people already know this, they blame it on their lifestyle that they are not active. Most people excuse it on their desk jobs for sitting too much but there is always a way out in any situation whatsoever. Now, a new study has been conducted exactly on this scenario and we can say that we were right in saying so.

According to this new study, sitting too much in a day can be dangerous for your health over a long run. However, don’t sweat because there is a way to offset this issue as well. This study concluded that taking short walking breaks in between work can offset the risks of sitting too much. According to Dr. Keith Diaz, exercise physiologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, they “found a 5-minute light walk every half hour offset many of the harms from sitting,”. As per the study, even if someone is exercising on a daily basis then also breaking long hours of sitting is needed.

One participant named Stephan Solomon said he took part in this study because “I had a major change of life. I retired.” Definitely, the decision to retire is a good one but the fact that you move a lot less after retirement compared to earlier is definitely worth studying. He added “So I have to kind of self-manage this, but in order to do this you have to know what’s helpful,” and said that he sat a lot because he did not have to commute to work anymore.

Dr. Keith said “Taking a walking break every half hour and walking for 5 minutes reduced the blood sugar spike by 60%. Those are levels that are similar to what you would see if someone were using insulin injections or diabetic medications to control blood sugar,”. However, he adds that this should be not taken as a replacement for regular exercise but as an add-on.


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