A strong connection between telehealth use and cancer care costs

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Oncology care via telehealth connects with cost savings, travel, and time among cancer patients. According to reports, patients have saved both cost burden associated with cancer care.

Moffitt Cancer Center conducted the economic evaluation. It estimated the cost savings because of telehealth. It includes the traveling expenses. Also, there was low productivity because of the medical visit.

The traveling cost was all about roundtrip distance by making use of a car. Loss of income and loss of productivity is the loss from roundtrip travel. It also includes the loss of income due to in-person doctor visits.

Several patients needed to travel a very long distance because of their particular cancer care needs. The employment rates and income estimates vary as well. It is because of the disabilities of the cancer patients working during the treatment. It led to productivity loss.

The researchers did not consider the electronic devices costs. It includes the device used in telehealth visits. Also, they did not consider the insurance type, race, education, area of residence, etc.

All the patients dealing with cancer spend a lumpsum amount of money and time. They do this while traveling to receive care. The researchers have used a bigger data set. Delivery of cancer care through telehealth connects with time, cost savings, and travel. It can reduce cancer care’s financial toxicity.

Future studies must explore other fields of cost savings. It includes savings for the caregivers of cancer. It is essential to note how things vary from rural to Urban patients looking for care.

Technology is evolving very fast. Researchers from across the globe are coming together to offer the best. A lot of cancer patients are dealing with costs and other burdens. So, it is essential to help them in saving more and yet receive the best treatments.

The clinics are dealing with in-visit treatment and are unable to focus on other areas. However, digitalization may make things smoother.


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