A survey reveals that 90% of Americans have used telehealth in last 12 months

It is worth noting that surveys are held on different topics every year worldwide, but it is interesting to see a topic such as telehealth which is already gaining popularity, being surveyed. An award-winning survey company named Independa surveyed Americans on how their usage of Smart TVs has helped them adopt telehealth. It has been revealed in the survey that 90% of Americans used telehealth is some capacity in the last 12 months, and it is also worth noting that 90% of them loved the use of telehealth and found their experience to be great.

According to Independa’s statement, they reveal that “We are thrilled to be on the forefront of telehealth adoption with the Independa Health Hub built into LG TVs.” “Our research shows that for the 97% of Americans who own a smart TV, there is a preference for using familiar technology like the television to provide more ease, comfort, and accessibility to valuable health resources.” It was also found out that 71% of users accessed telehealth using their smartphones. Respondents said that television is their preferred method of using telehealth.

In the survey, it was also found out that the primary reasons for using telehealth are “to get regular checkups with primary care, monitoring a chronic condition, and monitoring recovery from an illness” and it was also revealed that 95% of patients would prefer a doctor that offered telehealth over the one that doesn’t. Also, as expected, the main reasons why people prefer telehealth over in-person clinics are “comfort and convenience, saving travel time, and faster service than waiting for an in-person appointment”.

While we must mention that this survey from Independa was conducted on just 1000 Americans and this is not a large sample size considering the population of the country but it is still worth noting that the impact of telehealth has already reached a lot of people. It is also interesting for us to know that people have been taking telehealth sessions on their Smart TVs despite having smartphones as well as tablets and computers as well. This could be mainly due to the screen size where they can see the doctors clearly and while laying on their beds.


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