Amazon Clinic telehealth lets you talk to doctors about basic illness

We recently posted an article about how Amazon has decided to shut down one of its health forays which was the Halo Health division. At that time, we also mentioned that the company will now have to think much harder on how it wants to enter the health industry so that it does not betray its customers as it has done this time. Now, Amazon has launched its new venture in the healthcare and telehealth industry which is named as Amazon Clinic. This time, we believe that Amazon’s entry makes much more sense due to various reasons.

According to a report, “The virtual health service Amazon Clinic allows patients to connect with caregivers within hours to help manage common health conditions like allergies, asthma and COVID-19.” An analyst says that if you simply need medications for you or your sick child or just need to refill the inhaler than it is a tedious task to visit a clinic. Instead of that, “it might be way more convenient to go through Amazon’s really nice, virtual-first front end.” Amazon Clinic’s Chief Medical Officer says that “At Amazon, we’re customer obsessed and always working backward from their needs to make their lives better and easier. This is no different in the health care space,”

He added that “Sometimes you just need a quick interaction with a clinician for a common health concern that can be easily addressed virtually. We’ve thought hard about how to improve this part of the experience as well. That’s why we launched Amazon Clinic.” Now, it is worth noting that Amazon Clinic was launched in November last year but was in the testing phase since then but it is now ready to be unveiled in all parts of the United States. Also worth noting is that Amazon Clinic “treats a short list of 25 common health conditions. The report adds that “Medical information is exchanged via emails or text messages”. Talking to your doctor via text message or email can be very convenient because we already spend a lot of time on our phones so Amazon Clinic already seems to be a success in the US and it will expand to other parts of the world as well.


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