As per reports, global telehealth investment continues to rise

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As per reports, global telehealth investment continues to rise

Studies claim a 169% year-over-year rise in world telehealth investment.

CB Insights recently reports the current situation of telehealth services in 2021. It claims that global telehealth investment continues to increase for the fourth consecutive quarter, with teletherapy contacts representing a potential share.

The State of Telehealth study marks it is the digital transformation initiatives and patient’s experience that accelerated the growth. Thought leaders and stakeholders voiced concerns regarding lobbyists and inequity mounted the constraint for durable regulatory reform.

The telehealth train resumes chugging along even after receiving warnings from health advocates. The cautions surrounded the after possibilities if the public health emergency expires. However, the reports came out positive from an economic perspective.

The study shows that the global telehealth investment grew about 17% quarter-over-quarter than the first quarter of the current year and 169% year-over-year. The overall range reached to record of $5 billion across 163 deals.

However, teletherapy concerning chronic and health diseases was an investor hotspot. It further leads the virtual care enablement companies to experience high funding.

On the other hand, remote monitoring and diagnostics organizations raised $841 million across 33 deals. The vital sign monitors and decentralized lab tests are the factors that got marked as the business development sectors for the above-mentioned companies.

Even telepharmacy made a noticeable funding quarter, especially in the direct-to-consumer brands’ area. The reports also mark the remarkable response received by the telehealth visits sectors. However, the rates remained below than spotted in March and April 2020.

Amazon Care and Walmart Health also signaled their ideas to spread virtual care all over the country. At the same time, the telemedicine vendor Amwell announces two acquisitions in the present week. The CB Insights observes, “While all telehealth segments saw acquisitions during the quarter, the two biggest hot spots were virtual/digital care enablement and telemedicine providers, platforms and marketplaces.”


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