Bluestar Telehealth gets the contract to provide remote patient monitoring program for Veterans Administration

You must be aware that telehealth is something we all need and this is the reason why telehealth is now available to each and everyone along with in-person care as well. Now, you must be aware that veterans need some special treatment and they have some privileges as well which means there needs to be a telehealth program designed for the veterans keeping in mind their needs etc. We have a telehealth firm named Bluestar Telehealth which is owned by a Veteran as well. Now, we have reports that Bluestar Telehealth has been awarded a contract to provide remote patient monitoring program for the Veterans Administration which will help them serve thousands of veterans over the years.

Talking about this contract, it includes a 2-year base period of performance with 6 additional one-year option periods. The potential value to BlueStar is approximately $144 million over 8 years. However, it is worth noting that the cause is great as a Veteran-owned telehealth service will serve the telehealth so there should not be any question of not extending this program even further. The prime contractor of this program is Valor Health of Texas and under Valor, BlueStar will lead the team of companies focusing on RPM services.

Retired Admiral Robert Wray, also the CEO of BlueStar Telehealth, said “We’re honored to have this opportunity to serve thousands of fellow veterans. As a veteran-owned company, many of our employees and our family members get healthcare through the Veterans Administration. We are delighted to be able to share in that care delivery.” As far as BlueStar Telehealth is concerned, it currently has about 40+ employees and gives last-mile telehealth services to a veteran’s home such as providing the hardware, software, care plan, nurse monitoring so that the veterans can connect with telehealth specialists and get the care that they need.

As explained further, BlueStar Telehealth’s “VA has a full-service in-home Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program, serving over 100,000 veterans. This RPM provides veterans with several different peripherals (scale, BP cuff, glucometer, etc.…), as well as interaction via phone, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and potentially/eventually video, to operate in accordance with a Disease Management Protocol (DMP), or what is often called a Care Plan”.


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