Cigna works on the access expansion to telehealth services

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Cigna works on the access expansion to telehealth services

The insurance company Cigna will launch its "virtual-first" health plan for selecting employers. It will include a $0 co-pay for the care provider of MDLIVE.

The bipartisan group in the US works as the representative of the reintroducing of the bill, which is aiming to expand the better access to Telehealth going beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Protecting Access for the post-COVID-19 Telehealth Act of 2021 legislation came up with the introduction from the past week with Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif.

Johnson, on this matter, says that it is playing a very major role in giving the vulnerable patients more safety in this pandemic. The bipartisan legislation is also keeping the telehealth expansion in place. The bill, which was introduced in July, came up with the safeguarding of access to virtual care after the main provision of COVID.

According to Thompson, it is going to eliminate most of the geographic use of Telehealth. It is helping in the establishment of the patient’s home as the distant site.

It is also asking for the study to use Telehealth during COVID. However, the bill comes with the avoiding of the issues regarding Telehealth, which comes with the proper coverage.

Welch said that the pandemic has proven that Telehealth is essential. The trend is pointing out towards the wide applauding of the earlier version. The bill comes with greetings and praises along with great enthusiasm from a wide range of the industry. It is also hailing the efforts for keeping the patients from the falling of the telemedicine in this pandemic situation.

Despite the excitement, the bill is also creating momentum with the ground for halting onwards July. Also, the modernization of the Telehealth Act from the senate of last year also failed to gain any traction.

According to records, it is working as a game-changer in this pandemic-affected situation to give the patient’s best care. Also, it is helping in reducing the spread of the virus due to medical visits.


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