CVS Health launches integrated telehealth primary care platform

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CVS Health stated that the offering would provide access to on-demand primary care and chronic condition management. It will also provide virtual mental health services and more.

CVS announced the launch of its new CVS Health Virtual Primary Care service. The integrated telehealth offering will become available to Aetna plan sponsors. It will also become available to CVS Caremark members in early 2023.

The new offering integrated telehealth patient engagement tools, telehealth, and electronic health record data. It also integrated much more on a single platform. This can connect consumers with clinicians at CVS or other providers.

The tool enables patients to choose care in either retail or community-based settings. It offers services such as at-home health services or virtually. The platform is more of a complement to Aetna’s virtual care strategy. The platform will become available for eligible Aetna members beginning. Officials stated that it would become available for eligible CVS Caremark members in Q2 of next year.

The option of getting seen in-person at in-network providers, including MinuteClinic, when needed will remain available. Telehealth-based providers can help members find appropriate in-network specialists and other services, too.

CVS Health Virtual Primary Care will feature a member-selected physician-led Care Team. That would include nurse practitioners, RNs, or licensed vocational nurses. They can get accessed through the platform. In addition, they can consult with CVS pharmacists for medication management needs.

The platform will also use an interoperable electronic health record. This is to help patients transition between virtual and in-person care. In addition, aggregated data will enable the use of personalized health alerts to help close care gaps.

CVS Health noted that it takes 24 days to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician. The wait time to see mental health professionals is typically double that. This new platform aims to enable more timely access to virtual and in-person care.

Both CVS and Aetna were refining and expanding their virtual and in-person offerings. In 2018, MinuteClinic went live with an app-based integrated telehealth offering.


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