Despite telemedicine being the key to primary care, clinicians are still hopeless

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Despite telemedicine being the key to primary care, clinicians are still hopeless

There is a surfacing report of burnout of the providers and compassion fatigue amidst the ongoing crisis of Covid, especially about the conversations with vaccine-hesitant patients.

A survey that Larry A. Green Center and Primary Care Collective has found on telemedicine. They have found that telemedicine has become vital to maintain the patient’s access to primary care. However, many providers worry about what will happen if the pre-pandemic regulations get restored.

The survey has drawn answers from 1236 respondents from nearly every state. They have said that the pressure for the providing of care amidst the Covid-19 is continuing to weigh heavily on the primary care physicians.

Burnout with the sense of hopelessness and compassion fatigue is escalating as the Covid surge continues.

This survey is the 13th of its kind. Before that, the PCC and the Green Center have teamed up for a better understanding of the impact of Covid-19 in real-time.

This particular round is now focusing on the effect of the Delta surgeon patients and providers. The role of virtual care can play a significant role in addressing such a burden.

The survey has further found that telemedicine has helped to maintain the patient’s access to care. However, it has struggled much with the resources and capabilities.

Four in10 responders have said that they use telemedicine for at least a fifth of all their visits. 35%, on the other hand, have developed new work roles in their office to meet the needs of telemedicine.

21% had to pull back on the use of telemedicine due to the reduction of payments. On the other hand, primary care is facing some challenges. Half of the respondents have described that pandemic-related strain.

A Delaware Clinician has said that the system is drowning. Primary care is now getting funded, overworked. The burden is growing as more doctors have retired.

Vaccination distrust is also contributing to this. Even though clinicians can change minds, 80% of the patients have said that the conversation takes several minutes. Well, time is more valuable for them.

A primary care crisis is not something unique to COVID-19. However, the pandemic has exacerbated many issues. Innovators are now exploring ways to help with telemedicine.


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