Eli Lily says it will sell its weight-loss drugs directly to customers via telehealth

We know that there is a lot of hype right now regarding the weight-loss drugs that have been introduced by a lot of companies out there but there is one that has particularly taken off and it is Eli Lily’s weight-loss drug called Mounjaro. However, there is also the problem of selling these drugs and still making it affordable for everyone so that people can take it and benefit from it as well. Because right now, we know that drugs are quite costly and this makes it difficult for people who really need it but can’t afford it to take advantage. Due to that reason, we are getting to know via Axios that Eli Lily will sell some of its drugs directly to customers without distributing it via third-party dealers in order to eliminate their commissions. The company says that “it will launch LillyDirect, a telehealth platform that will provide patients with prescriptions for conditions like obesity, migraines, and diabetes”.

So this is a double announcement from Eli Lily where it will not only sell drugs directly but will also enter telehealth which is a big booming market right now after the pandemic. The company said in a statement that “While a third-party fulfillment service will handle shipping, which is free, patients will be “obtaining medicines directly from Lilly,”. Lilly CEO David Ricks said “We’re used to buying consumer goods directly from manufacturers all the time on online websites,”. “It really hasn’t been an option that’s been provided before” for prescription drugs. The move is “poised to upend the traditional go-to-market strategy within the drug area,” Lee Brown, global sector lead for healthcare at research firm Third Bridge, tells Axios.

Brown also adds that “You’re eliminating a huge obstacle” for patients who don’t want to visit their own doctor. Prospective customers of Lilly drugs may appreciate the opportunity to go around their primary care physician and get drugs directly from the company through a discreet prescription”. WeightWatchers last year acquired the telehealth platform Sequence and started focusing on selling weight-loss drugs rather than giving diet plans. Following Eli Lilly’s announcement, WeightWatchers stock fell by as much as 11%.


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