FirstHealth shows how hybrid telehealth works in real life

If you have heard people talk about telehealth and how it will shape the healthcare industry in general then you would note that there are mainly two type of people right now. One section of the society says that telehealth is the next big thing and sees all the benefits that this new technology will provide to the mankind. However, there is another section of the society as well which says that telehealth will not survive and it is working as long as the pandemic has not fully gone away. Now, we know that there are challenges as well as regulatory hurdles with telehealth but that does not mean it will not work as it is already proving to be the next big change in healthcare industry.

However, for those who say that only telehealth will not work, FirstHealth has an answer and it is in the way of “hybrid telehealth”. Basically, hybrid telehealth is the term given to a program which has in-person care as well as telehealth. “While there are many hospitals that have started a hospital at home program, we decided to look at this type of program from a different angle,” says the administrative officer of telehealth services at FirstHealth. She added that “The program we came up with is called Observation at Home”. He continued saying that “While a traditional hospital at home program looks to care for the sometimes sicker patients who would traditionally meet inpatient status and be admitted to the hospital, Observation at Home looks to enroll patients who don’t quite meet inpatient admission criteria, but also aren’t well enough to go home”.

With the help of hybrid care and benefits of telehealth, a hospitalist can identify certain patients that can be sent home a day or two early but can be monitored via telehealth so that less resources are used. For patients to qualify for this program, they must have high-speed internet at home along with their personal devices such as laptop, smartphone or tablet available. Those that don’t meet these two criteria are currently excluded from the program as FirstHealth is trying to include those in the list as well.


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