Fruit-bearing telehealth strategic plan from Stony Brook Medicine 

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Telehealth technology for connecting clinicians and specialists in needful areas.

Telemedicine offers a wide range of opportunities. Besides, the telehealth strategic plan promotes better access to healthcare. It improves the reach of the providers and specialists of organizations.

Telehealth lessens healthcare costs and disparities of unnecessary readmissions, visits, and transport. It ensures appropriate follow-up and better patient satisfaction and patient adherence. It uses innovative biomedical tech and secures institutions as academic health centers.

Stony Brook Medicine is accelerating technological adoption. It allows visits to continue even when the patients do not leave their homes seamlessly. Stony Brooke purchased and distributed 200 iPhone 7s with 1 year of services to the needful patients for monitoring patients remotely.

Stony Brook sees sixty patients every month after discharge with blood pressure, pulse oximetry, virtual visits, and vital signs. It is rapid excellence in the telehealth strategic plan.

Challenges are not gone completely after the pandemic. Teladoc platform supports the patients 24/7. The patients can reach by phone, email, and bot. Also, the platform features a “Seamless join” feature. The patients may or may not use the app.

Even though Teladoc is used for the enterprise-wide platform, several noteworthy telehealth initiatives were organized. Stony Brook Medicine continuously offers about 10% of the monthly outpatient visits via telehealth. It reflects service stability.

The team has cut-off unnecessary ambulance trips and transfers through these consultations provision. In addition, it enabled the patients to be close to their homes. It is also worked to expand its services during the pandemic.

Different systems and processes were made during a difficult and hectic time. However, it resulted in the patients continuing to access the care they required.

At Stony Brook Medicine, the telehealth strategic plan supports the academic health center. It uses data analysis and innovative technology in research, educational, and clinical endeavors.

Technological advancement and current emergencies in public health are leading to the advancement of the telehealth strategy of the organization. As a result, stony Brook Medicine is putting its best efforts into revolutionizing the medical sector through telehealth.


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