Harvard’s new telehealth program can be a great help for physicians

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The physicians from the Beth Israel Deaconess used “virtual hospital”. Leaders from Harvard Medical are analyzing the benefits of health care.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre used a telehealth program to treat patients. The urgency of the situation during the crisis invited the use of the program. They also developed an enterprise-wide network to ease patients in the hard times.

The wide virtual delivery system helped health care to reach various patients. The telehealth program paved the way for physicians to be innovative. They also utilized robots, remote devices, and rounding.

Dr. Oren Mechanic, in an interview, also stated that “This served as our model as we focused our system on equity, access, and patient and family engagement to design a virtual care system that now supports our clinician workforce, consisting of over 2,000 providers”.

They believe virtual care is to sustain for more years. There were many challenges on the way to the telehealth program. The system recorded 500,000 virtual visits. It also maintained high security of its patient data. It enabled text, email, telephone, chat, and video. The language support, physician burnout, staff training to reach for the underserved.

There were continuous assessments and physician group meetings. Also, it was to measure the engagement. The guiding principles were already set.

The ambulatory visits were online. The program was not a great success at first. They also created this program with the motive to provide a solution to healthcare. There were new assessments and evaluated outcomes.

The telehealth program featured a model on equity. The main motto was to make it accessible to patients. The virtual care system ran on a clinician workspace. The workspace also included amazing physicians joining hands.

The challenges and solutions in telehealth created the customized platform. The very guiding principle enabled them to handle the issue. The specifics of the design and integration also helps in overcoming all the obstacles.

The vision of a virtual hospital came into the picture via this telehealth program. The pandemic paved the way to increase the outreach of telemedicine.


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