Health technologies worth $1.7M tested by Singapore

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Singapore is going to test many new health technologies. Six solutions emerged from Healthcare InnoMatch 2022. They solve problems in the healthcare sector.

Singapore will test many new health technologies. This is in collaboration with the public healthcare sector. The goal is to increase its adoption in the future. The technologies should be viable. They should also have the capacity to get implemented on a large scale.

Many organizations involved themselves in this work. Centre for Healthcare Innovation organized the Healthcare InnoMatch 2022. Ministry of Health and Temasek foundation also supported this venture. This initiative gave us six solutions. They are market-ready and efficient to use. These solutions also have received $1.7 million in funding.

Healthcare InnoMatch is a major challenge. Here, technology proposals come in for present healthcare problems. Professionals scrutinized the proposals. However, all the major public healthcare clusters of Singapore worked together this time.

However, the challenge received 250 applications from different parts of the world. Only 6 came out on top. The names and short descriptions of the solutions are as follows. PreSAGE is the first solution from CoNEX healthcare. Also, it is an AI-image tool that helps prevent falls.

FxMammo is the second solution from FathomX. Also, i is an AI tool that detects mammograms for breast cancer. However, KIMIA Recovery Management System is the third solution from Kinexcs. It helps monitor the joint condition of a patient remotely. NuCalm is the fourth solution. Also, it is a tool that reduces stress and improves sleep quality.

QTX Magnetic Mitohormesis is the fifth solution from QuantumTX. It provides muscle activation for recovery and independence. Us2.AI is the sixth and final solution. It also helps the diagnosis of heart failure. The solution organizations and a public healthcare cluster paired themselves. It will also help them market the product.

NTU Singapore, Agency for Science, Tech, and Research with NSG, launched one more tech. Biomedical innovation is the area of choice. They also launched an incubator worth $10.7 million. However, this product is set to increase the application of healthcare products.


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