Illinois is permanently expanding its access to telehealth

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Illinois is permanently expanding its access to telehealth

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has signed a bill for the law mandating coverage parity for virtual mental health and substance use disorder services.

Illinois Gov. J. B Pritzker has signed a bill this week. It expands access to telehealth and virtual care throughout the state. This bill, HB 3308, requires an insurance reimbursement parity for the virtual mental health and substance disorders services. Also, it is aiming to authorize all of the other telehealth to get covered through 2027.

His legislation will help to solidify Illinois as a leading presence in telehealth access. Also, it will benefit the expansion of the nation. Illinois is now one of the first states in the nation to run out the emergency pandemic response into a permanent inclusion.

This new law has been built upon executive orders.  The Gov had put it into the palace earlier than the pandemic. This bill will prevent the insurance plans from requiring a patient to attend them in personal visits. It is also expanding the early intervention of the services. This bill bars the insurers from requiring a patient to offer a reason for choosing telehealth.

At the same time, this bill is also safeguarding the patient’s ability to seek in-person care if they are choosing it. Insurers also cannot mandate that physicians offer virtual care if they prefer an in-person visit.

Advocates and professionals of the health industry are cheering for the passage of this bill. They also believe that it will help to preserve access to better care throughout the entire state.

Telehealth was very vital in allowing Sinai Chicago to continue with the offering of crucial services to the community. Over the past 18 months, the hospitals in the state have made many investments in telehealth. IHA and the hospital communities are also thinking about the governor and his administration and the General Assembly.

Telehealth has set up momentum. Though slowed down, the local governments are still taking action to safeguard the virtual care for the residents.


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