Inito, an Indian startup that helps women track fertility hormones at home, raises $6M

Inito, a startup based out of India’s Bengaluru, has just raised $6M in order to help women track fertility hormones right at their homes. They explain that “With other standard tests, you get “yes/no” results, and you need to use different test strips to track fertile days and confirm ovulation. Inito provides numerical values of your fertility hormones and personalizes results to your body. It gives your full fertile window of six days and also confirms if you actually ovulate by looking at the rise in progesterone metabolite PdG. “Unlike other products that leave the interpretation of hormone values to the user, our app looks at the evolution of four hormones together and determines if the fertility rating for that day is low, high or peak and if ovulation has indeed occurred in this cycle”. “With the latest advancements in AI, we have taken this one step further by explaining why a result was given in natural language.”

The Inito Fertility Monitor is registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device that is exempt from the FDA’s premarket notification submission requirements. The fertility monitor starter kit costs $149 and includes the device and 15 test strips. A pack of refill strips costs $49. Both products are available on Inito and Amazon. As for the new funding, the startup plans to use it to build even more advanced analytics with the help of AI. Inito users have taken over 2.5 million tests, which Rai says gives the startup a massive data set to train its algorithms on the interplay of the four key hormones in a menstrual cycle. The startup wants to be able to allow users to correlate symptoms, moods, sleep patterns and medications to their hormones.

Inito’s CEO Aayush Rai said, “While fertility hormone testing is our first product, this funding raise will allow us to invest in R&D for new tests that cater to solving problems faced by both patients and practitioners”. “We are building point-of-care tests for tracking pregnancy health, ovarian reserve and male fertility hormones. Our technology uses a combination of hardware, biotechnology and machine learning to improve the accuracy, reliability and density of test strips allowing them to measure multiple parameters on a single testing platform.”


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