Mayo Health signs an agreement with a telehealth firm named Remission for rheumatology tech

You must have heard about the name of Mayo Health which is a very well-known firm that does a lot of research and development in the field of healthcare and we have seen them ink deals and agreements with a lot of big telehealth firms in the world. However, Mayo Health has just signed an agreement with a telehealth company that was around for just over an year and operates only locally. This is because Mayo Health saw how good the technology this local telehealth company named Remission possesses.

Talking about Remission, it is a telehealth company that solves the problem of autoimmune diseases as well as rheumatoid arthritis in the patients and it is said that the rheumatology tech that this telehealth company has is just outstanding. Remission announced that its agreement with Mayo Health will be “to develop technology intended to more quickly steer people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus toward the right medical treatment and to better anticipate flare-ups associated with those diseases”.

Blake Wehman, CEO of Remission, says that “We’re honored to collaborate with them to advance new and innovative ways to better impact rheumatology service delivery models”. “Remission Medical has built out its own proprietary technology. That technology supports how we deliver our service. The goal of the Mayo collaboration is to leverage their know-how to transform the technology into something Mayo pressure-tested,” Wehman added.

Talking about the size of Remission, it would be interesting to note that it currently has only 300 regular patients and seven medical practitioners are on its team as we speak. Mayo Health taking note of such a local telehealth player is excellent scouting in our opinion and one that might be fruitful for them in the near future. Remission says that its “new technology will use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to shorten the time between diagnosis and treatment, as well as predict flare-ups to minimize hospitalizations and medical procedures”. While Wehman declined to comment on the financials of this deal, he added that Mayo Health are interested in “research and financial” side of things.


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