New telehealth system of Concentra reduces no-shows and click to visit

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New telehealth system of Concentra reduces no-shows and click to visit

This healthcare organization is moving to report from the manual type to real-time, automated to reap plenty of rewards.

A Texas-based healthcare organization, Concentrais approaching its new telehealth system. This organization serves the health needs for occupational grounds of one in four wounded employees with its 517 medical centers. It has 150 clinics at the location of employers with an effective telemedicine system.

Concentra isn’t looking at telemedicine as an important option for care delivery. It had implemented the first model and had piloted with a simple employer. It further learned much valuable info from the pilot regarding the non- scalability of the kiosk system. The organization knew that there could be more efficient ways to deliver virtual care. Before Ann Schnure, the vice president of the organization had joined, Concentra had explored plenty of software solutions. It made its first 5 telemedicine ventures in 2017.

For at least two years, they have seen steady growth in the program. They have also continued with a continuous learning process to enhance the modality of care delivery. However, it has also hit some of the barriers with many click-to-visit and extra added challenges.

Then they learned about the eVisit’s virtual care platform. As Concentra met with eVisit, it started to address the video visits situation for plugin-in. They have also discovered some long-term solutions to work with.

The Concentra Telemed offering provides a group of waiting rooms with the care coordinator. They can see many patients and their current status. It also comes with many hand-off providers and care coordinators. It creates a complicated virtual workflow. The platform has enabled this workflow system quite easily.

The first challenge was to find a system with a better video connection and no plug-ins with a few clicks for patients. Concentra has found many features which allow it to expand and optimize the telemedicine solution. A dedicated staff of 40 + individuals is serving the virtual care patient needs with all the other clinicians with a user profile.

The flexible workflows are in support of the patient groups who are there in the waiting room. These have worked as a key to creating a good workflow. The eAnalyze tool works as a reporting system that tracks important data to manage the program.

As a result, it has improved the click to visits with 8 clicks only. There is real-time reporting which helps to address issues quicker. It is also benefiting from a staffing model. It can now immediately address cancellation. There are also options for training; quality audits with reduced no-show up to 10%.


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