Opkit launches health insurance verification platform for telehealth companies

You must be aware that there has been a new entry into the medical sector which is known as telehealth. This is a sector which got popular after the pandemic when most of the people could not visit the doctors’ clinics and so they had to visit them virtually and this is where we know that this technique got popular. As far as telehealth is concerned, for those who don’t know, it is when you take consultation from a doctor but digitally. Telehealth is something where everything is digital and the prescription also happens digitally.

Now, it is worth noting that since everything is being done digitally then it means that the medical insurance should also be digital. This is where Opkit’s launch comes into play as they provide health insurance verification platform for patients who are taking telehealth consultations. Obviously, the process to take health insurance verifications for telehealth companies would be different because they don’t involve physical visits of the patients so taking their information is much harder.

Opkit says that they found the telehealth companies were still taking health insurance verification from their process in the way as the brick-and-mortar stores which is not ideal. Opkit’s founders said that “What we found through many conversations with telehealth companies is that they are using the same tools that were designed for brick-and-mortar providers to try to do insurance verification in a much different context,”. He added “As a telehealth company, you’re not able to collect the patient’s physical insurance card. What we found is that these companies are struggling with insurance verification and they need a digitally native solution,”

The reason why Opkit’s verification process for health insurance is better is explained by them right here. They say “We enable faster, more automated intake and we streamline these providers’ operations, and that makes their patients happier because their wait times are shorter and they have better visibility into their fees. There are fewer rejected claims so that improves the revenue cycle and less human error,”. A company which has integrated with Opkit says that “Opkit fills a critical need that has only become more important as telehealth has become universally accepted,”


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