Parkview Health gets 70% of its patients on its telehealth platform named Epic Portal

It is worth noting that the telehealth startups that we are seeing right now have not come into existence all of a sudden. They were already in place even before the pandemic even existed but the fact that these startups were not visible earlier is because of the fact that no one was able to accept this method of health services as a legitimate one. During and after the pandemic, people started to accept telehealth due to the forceful nature of the pandemic where they had to take medical services without going out and facing the risk of catching the virus. After that, people have realized that this is a legitimate way of getting healthcare services right at our doorsteps, and people are now widely accepting it as well.

The same goes with Parkview Health which is a health system based in Indiana which has already had many telehealth programs running before the pandemic, but there were many hurdles they had to face. After the pandemic, Parkview Health says that “With the adoption barriers now overcome, and the payers now accepting the method of care, telemedicine is now here as both a standard of care and a retention tool in a competitive patient market,”. He adds that “In order to deliver our digital health solutions, we have a number of key vendors and partners that we work with,”. “But perhaps none is more important than our electronic health record, as it serves as the backbone of our communications between providers and patients.”

Parkview Health says that “In 2016, we introduced video visits to several community hospitals, for consults by cardiology and psych,”. “Additional specialties followed, as the concept of being able to provide the same high-quality care was proven out, and the savings for the provider time and transfers was recognized.” But during the pandemic, “For several months, it became one of the few ways to receive care, as the country was encouraged to stay home,”. “Parkview Health was able to retain nearly 70% of our standard care visits with patients by using video services within our EHR and patient portal, even as the physical offices were closed”.


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