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The dental care company quip is planning to buy the dental telehealth company Toothpic. It will now offer preventative digital checkups.

The Dental Care company named quip will soon be offering dental telehealth. It will buy the provider of the same, Toothpic. This expansion will allow users to facilitate digital checkups. It also features on-demand virtual emergency dental care. Quip will offer all such services via its digital platform. In addition, it will let the users track oral hygiene. It will also serve as a guide for patients in oral health.

The current quip subscription entails toothbrushes and more. The services will also cater to the replacement of toothbrushes every three months. In addition, the company has its app. This will ease the process of dental telehealth. The company will also let members book dental care appointments.

Simon Enever, the cofounder and CEO of quip, gave the statement, “By embedding Toothpic’s teledentistry platform and a nationwide network of online dental professionals into our app, we will centralize access to a full suite of connected oral care products and dental services that will drastically alter the way people experience and manage their oral health…

We are excited to welcome the extremely talented Toothpic team to the quip community to help us continue building this much-needed platform for patients and providers.”

As per CDC, one in four adults suffers from tooth decay. The agency also brings it to the notice that this may result in chronic disease. There is a high risk of having a missing tooth and poor oral health.

Quip has made a lot of difference in the dental health category. It continues to grow with businesses. It will facilitate the businesses around the web. This is becoming all possible with digital telehealth.

There has been a shift in dentistry. It saw the change from a fee-for-service model to preventive-focused value-based care. The Co-founder, Shane Owens, also discusses the need for such dental telehealth. The innovative solution can bring a lot of changes.

quip also announced a $100 million Series B funding round. It aims to come with the product expanding globally. In addition, it will create a professional network.


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