Telehealth integration in EHR paves the way for digital healthcare

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Telehealth integration in EHR paves the way for digital healthcare

The skillful nursing organization CarDon & associates has a 90% of treat-in-place rate for all of its telehealth encounters. The data from this platform helps to identify various areas for better improvement.

Before the start of the pandemic, CarDon and Associates were exploring various ideas to give their staff time back. It has further worked to improve its resident outcome and eliminate rehospitalizations. Hence, it has worked to boost up its digital healthcare system.

This organization wanted a very effective telehealth platform along with its new technologies. It aimed to streamline its process to contact physicians and to improve the documentation in the system of record. It also further wanted to give the nurses better confidence with the technology which can guide with assessment.

Once the pandemic started taking place, they had to act faster and implement their new portable device and temporary solutions. It helped them to offer virtual physicians and consult visits to offer the residents a way to connect with their people. Though the swift implementation has worked, they wanted something better.

CarDon & Associates has turned to Third Eye Health for a digital solution. The technology offered them faster connectivity and access to physicians who have the training to offer care. The coverage also includes nights, holidays, and weekends.

The solution comes with a care coordination team. It facilitates communication between the care team and physicians. They have also offered a cloud-based HIPAA platform that integrates with the EHR. All of the documentation includes a wet-signature which imports from their platform into their system for records.

Before the implementation of the telehealth solution, CarDon & Associates offered iPads to all of its nurses and CNAs. They have deployed many portable devices. The organization has implemented the new telehealth solution with training its staff.

The nurses use the platform for new admission, readmissions, and better bridging of scripts. They can also have video encounters with the simple touch of a button. They can further interact with their physicians quite quickly.

This innovation and implementation have helped this organization with a 90% or treat-in-place rate. Out of its 2090 consults, they have treated 1829 residents in place. With the use of the data in the telehealth platform, the organization has identified areas for better improvement. They have further improved their documentation for the integration in the system of record.


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