Telehealth usage will see growth after its post-pandemic slump: Report

You must have known by now that the future of healthcare in the world as well as in the US is telehealth because of the fact that you can get the help you need right at your home and it is much faster compared to going to a clinic and waiting for your appointment. It is also said that the usage of telehealth is increasing day-by-day in the US ever since the pandemic came into existence. However, it is a fact that the usage of telehealth in the US, as well as other parts of the world, has slowed down as the effects of pandemic are receding as people have started to visit clinics once again.

Now, this has caused a lot of telehealth startups to panic and some have even started to layoff employees because of the added pressure of the current economic condition along with recession-like circumstances as well. Due to this reason, a survey has been conducted by GlobalData and it says that “mental health care will see the largest increase in the use of telehealth technologies”. Now, it is obvious why this demand will increase so we are not going to explain the reasoning to you. It was observed that mental health among the population deteriorated during, and after, the pandemic which is why telehealth is predicted to see growth in this category.

It is reported that “GlobalData’s latest report shows a downturn in the use of telehealth for mental health reasons post-pandemic. However, GlobalData predicts that telehealth, after an initial slump, should see an increase in usage compared to in-person visits in the US market in the near future”. GlobalData also predicts that “mental health care will see the largest increase in the use of telehealth technologies. Telehealth can provide a viable alternative to conventional mental health treatment, where it can be particularly advantageous, as it cuts down on transportation costs, allows patients to be more comfortable in their own homes, and is an inexpensive alternative for outpatient care.” The company also predicts a “6.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the usage of telehealth services for mental health compared to traditional in-person visits in the next few years.”


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