US-based telehealth platform Drs.OnCalls expands to India

It is known that telehealth sector has started growing in the US ever since the pandemic has arrived because of the fact that people rely on virtual meetings with their doctors instead of in-person visits by going to their clinics. Now, it has become a new trend where in-person visits have become old school and telehealth has become the hot thing to do. Talking about other parts of the world, it is worth noting that US-based telehealth provider named Drs.OnCalls has entered the Indian market with their platform and it says that the initial traction that they have received from their Indian patients is very good.

According to the description from Drs.OnCalls about their platform, it calls itself as the “first telemedicine app in India to offer global real-time consultation services 24×7. Patients now have the facility to receive medical guidance from renowned experts worldwide, transcending geographical constraints and extending the availability of high-quality healthcare. This ground-breaking feature unlocks a multitude of possibilities, empowering patients with access to advanced medical expertise regardless of their geographic location”. Drs.OnCalls has also carved out the strategy of penetrating the B2B market by partnering with corporates who can provide them with the initial traction, and they can later pivot to being a B2C provider as well in the future.

Mary Gorder, CEO of Drs.OnCalls, says, “We are excited to introduce Drs.OnCalls’ telemedicine solutions in India aiming to connect patients with top healthcare experts worldwide, round the clock. Our dedication to quality, accessibility, and innovation will transform healthcare delivery, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their well-being. We are committed to forging strong partnerships and collaborating with local stakeholders to create a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape in India.”

It is also known that the company is looking to “execute targeted marketing campaigns to enhance awareness of its telemedicine services. They will actively pursue collaborations with local healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and diagnostic centers to expand their network and offer comprehensive healthcare solutions, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing its impact on the Indian healthcare system,” as per a report from Financial Express.


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