Antidote Health launches a mental health clinic based on telemedicine

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The new telehealth company Antidote Health provides measures for medication management. The program will also help in treating the other diseases.

The new virtual care program will provide telemedicine medication management. It will also provide patient education and treatment for a variety of mental illnesses. In addition, antidote Health, a Telehealth company, is extending its virtual care offerings. It is expanding to include a service focused on mental health issues.

The Mental Health Clinic will offer medication management. It will provide treatment for depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Other treatments would include PTSD, OCD, and insomnia disorder. This would be the call of a telemedicine-based mental health clinic.

Antidote Health and its clinicians will use an enhanced and better approach. This approach gets called out as enhanced, evidence-based care. The telemedicine company contends this approach is twice as effective as traditional care. First, it is a patient-centric method. This method measures and analyses clinical symptoms. The analysis is throughout the process and treatment. Hence, identifying specific patterns to address and overcome the illness.

The company will provide patient education from expert psychologists. This is other than the enhanced, evidence-based care.

The company will begin with a comprehensive intake assessment. Then, consumers interested in the Mental Health Clinic can opt for a one-time appointment. They can even get ongoing care scheduled for every three weeks.

Dr. Marc Miresco, head of the Mental Health Clinic, stated that “We’re excited to add this fundamental clinic to our service offerings; Antidote Health will be able to serve even more patients across the United States from the comfort of their own homes. With our digital user experience, patients will be able to access the clinic and attend appointments with our practitioners and doctors from anywhere at any time.”

Antidote Health said its telemedicine healthcare services are priced lower than many insurance copayments and deductibles. This is to ensure that everyone can afford treatments easily. Hence, the treatment remains equitable for all.


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