Burrell Behavioral Health plans to expand telemedicine services

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Burrell Behavioral Health receives $767,184 from the FCC telehealth grant. It plans to revolutionize healthcare with the grant in just one year.

The FCC telehealth offers generous funds to Burrell Health care, and it plans to invest in the field of telemedicine. The healthcare located in Missouri was seriously concerned about the physical condition of staff and clients with new variants of Covid-19. Many of the staff members also feared getting sick and stayed home. The staff wants to work remotely and eliminate the risk of exposure.

The need a fully established telemedicine services were in need the most. In addition, there was a requirement for the virtual platform zoom for providers to connect with patients. The grant will also be effectively used to eliminate those problems and offer the best services.

The health care was aware that in-person interaction could lead to more spread of the virus. The virtual option provided a way safer route to reach the clients. It safeguarded both the clients and the staff members. The commitment level has increased. The healthcare worker is also better able to offer virtual services via the telemedicine features.

Darren Johnson discusses the investment of funds. He says, “The FCC telehealth funds allowed us to purchase laptops, monitors, keyboards, cameras, and headsets for a large portion of our staff to work from home. We also purchased additional server capacities and Citrix licenses to run core applications remotely.”

Burrell doesn’t plan to become a complete remote organization. Meeting people face-to-face still holds greater value. Telemedicine also just opened the doors for the organization to reach clients by narrowing down the geographical constraints.

Healthcare always prioritizes the safety of clients and staff information. The first technology installed was from Cisco’s phone software. It was to streamline the taking of the calls from remote locations. The healthcare’s contact center technology is via Citrix Thin Client deployment. With the fund, it also managed to build infrastructure for remote computing and better access to EHR.

The investment was also in the field of marketing/communication and remote desktop application. Also, it has outdone itself in bringing the best technologies and catering services.


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