Henry Ford collabs gets funds for Telemedicine clinic

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Henry Ford comes together with General Motor to offer network insurance products for its employees. The diverse delivery options are taken into consideration.

Michigan’s Henry Ford Health System(HFHS)and General Motors collaborated to develop a narrow-network insurance product. This product is for GM employees called GM Connect Care.

HFHS aims to offer innovative care delivery options. It envisions creating products convenient and cost-effective for GM’s members.

HFHS and GM came to an alternative option to offer an on-site clinic with access to virtual providers. This is going to get achieved through telehealth technology. This aims to facilitate a comprehensive clinical experience.

Courtney Stevens, director of virtual care at HFHS, said, “This on-site clinic would offer not only convenient access to HFHS provider resources at a distance but also on-site point-of-care testing, vaccinations, and the ability to draw labs for employees, saving them an extra trip to a clinic. This option also allowed HFHS to leverage and optimize precious provider resource time and spread their expertise where and when it is needed, breaking down physical and geographic barriers.”

Joel Whitbeck, group practice director at HFHS, stated that The model includes an on-site medical assistant. This is to support employees with on-site point-of-care testing, vaccinations, and drawing labs.

He continued that HFHS has online self-scheduling and a dedicated scheduling phone line available to employees. The employee can show up at the clinic. The medical assistant will schedule an ad hoc appointment with a remote provider resource. The medical assistant can use TytoCare to perform a comprehensive exam. This includes an enhanced skin exam, head, and neck exam, and ear exam with the otoscope attachment.

It also includes an examination by auscultating the lungs, heart, and abdomen with the stethoscope attachment. In addition, Whitbeck said that this model provides access to all HFHS integrated systems to medical assistants and remote providers.

The quarter’s patient satisfaction survey responses were high. For example, 91% of respondents indicated they exceeded expectations, and 82% would very likely recommend it. Also, 91% indicated they missed work if this was not an option. At the same time, 83% reported that they are very likely to get an appointment in the time frame they want.


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