Herself Health raises $26M to provide primary care to women above 65

We know that a lot has been done in the healthcare industry over the past decade and the things have kept on growing since the last few years as well. We can also say that there has been a revolution in the last few years, ever since the pandemic came into existence, in the healthcare industry as the resurgence of telehealth became obvious and people started adopting to it. Now that we know everyone is offering telehealth services, it is to be noted that new entrants will need to make a niche out of this wide healthcare industry in order to sustain their business and grow it.

That is exactly what Herself Health is doing as we have seen that they are providing primary care to women which is a niche in itself and that is also restricted to women aged 65 and above which is a sub-niche in the women niche. Basically, herself health is giving the message that niching down is the way to go in the healthcare industry moving forward as it is obvious that everyone is not able to offer everything.

Herself Health’s founder says that “Women are not feeling heard, and they’re not well served,” and added that “It takes a long time to get an appointment with their doctor, and women are feeling rushed to tell them everything in 10 minutes. As a result, they don’t feel well cared for and are pushed to the next step without their doctors having the time to really understand what their needs are. And, these women have very unique issues.”

She adds that “Women are also more likely than men to be diagnosed with osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s” and also says that “They are less likely to receive a chronic heart disease or stroke diagnosis and therefore not proper treatment”. With its latest round of funding, Herself Health “has plans to expand its footprint in the next 18 months. It will add two more clinics in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region this year and at least one in a new market in 2024” says the founder who declined to comment on the financials.


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