River Valley Counseling Center boosts productivity using telemedicine

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River valley makes use of telemedicine to encourage productivity. It will also customize healthcare in that regard.

River Valley Counseling Center’s Holyoke, Massachusetts, utilizes telemedicine to boost productivity. However, it always tried to make ends meet with its technology. Its efforts to revamp and improve via telemedicine are merely trial and error.

Chassity Crowell-Miller, LICSW, is a clinical social worker at the clinic. Miller recalled, “When we thought one thing was addressed, another hurdle would pop up. This element of touch and go was particularly challenging for mental healthcare, in which providers may be helping with sensitive, traumatic issues and were unnecessarily disrupted and inhibited by the outdated technology.”

In total, the clinicians ability to help, as well as patients’ treatment and experiences, got negatively impacted. The organization’s Holyoke Clinic tends to benefit the underserved population with telemedicine.

This was with many patients of low socioeconomic status. Crowell-Miller observed that River Valley counseling Center’s Holyoke Clinic was not set up for this sudden move to technology.

Stephen Moss is a senior vice president and general manager at Insight, a health IT and infrastructure company.

He stated that the cost of outdated technology often does not get discussed. Sound technology infrastructure is a table-stakes requirement. This is also important for providers to do their jobs effectively.

Jason Kimrey is the vice president of U.S. channel and partner programs. He stated that the Insight and Intel teams took an approach to provide and implement the right technology.

Intel prioritized implementing more modernized devices and hardware. Intel upgraded network switches, physical hard drives, chips, and more. This was also to accommodate for the increased bandwidth.

Insight handles rapid provisioning, configuration, and deployment for virtual desktop environments. Crowell-Miller stated that Technology is critical to making peoples’ lives better.

River Valley really felt the need to improve client and clinician experience utilizing telemedicine. There are tangible benefits for the client experience both internally and externally. For example, the provider organization increased its telehealth services from 5% pre-pandemic to 95% during the height of the pandemic. Other highlights include increased productivity and providing community resources.


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