Securing Healthcare Data in the Age of AI – Insights from Steve Ryan at BARR Advisory

In this insightful interview, we dive deep into the complexities of AI safety and risk management in the healthcare industry with Steve Ryan, the Head of Healthcare Services at BARR Advisory, using his wealth of experience in IT audit and risk assessment he sheds light on the critical aspects of protecting health information in the age of artificial intelligence.


In this YouTube video, experienced Barr Advisory professional Steve Ryan provides in-depth insight into AI technology and healthcare data security. With years of experience in IT security and consulting, Steve provides valuable insight in terms of the challenges and risks associated with adopting AI in healthcare. He also takes the audience through the changing landscape of healthcare technology.

He emphasizes the need for organizations to understand the risks posed by AI and the need for the implementation of strong security measures to protect sensitive patient data. Steve discusses policies and regulations, such as HIPAA and HiTrust, and their implications for the adoption of AI in healthcare. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of proactive risk assessment, employee training, and vendor oversight of potential threats.

About Steve Ryan

As head of healthcare services at BARR Advisory, Steve Ryan is responsible for planning and executing information technology audits and risk assessments for clients in the healthcare industry. He is experienced in various compliance areas including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), The HITECH ACT, HITRUST, Meaningful Use risk assessments, NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27001, PCI, SOC 1 and 2 Reports, and other state privacy laws.

About BARR Advisory

BARR Advisory is a cloud-based security and compliance solutions provider specializing in cybersecurity consulting and compliance for companies with high-value information in cloud environments like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. A trusted advisor to some of the fastest-growing cloud-based organizations around the globe, BARR simplifies compliance across multiple regulatory and customer requirements in highly regulated industries including technology, financial services, healthcare, and government. Learn more about BARR Advisory at

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