A real-time prescription monitoring system gets introduced in South Australia

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A real-time prescription monitoring system gets introduced in South Australia

It is the second state in Australia to introduce an initiative that enables monitoring of high-risk medicines.

South Australia joins the list of enabling the option of monitoring high-risk medicines. This move came after the Australian Government announced the new initiative.

 South Australia introduced its system, i.e., ScriptCheckSA, a real-time prescription monitoring system. All thanks to the new system that doctors and pharmacists can now know several things about a patient’s history. It will provide information to them about a patient’s medicines, helping the doctors and pharmacists make better decisions on prescribing medicines to those patients.

The system of ScriptCheckSa is specially built for easing up doctor shopping. Users also don’t have to pay and visit doctors to get similar prescriptions or medicine.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade stated that “Prescription drug dependence and misuse are a major public health concern. Nation-wide, the supply of prescription medicines is increasing, as is the rate of overdose and accidental death,”

This system will bound the over usage of medication. However, on its plus side, it can also identify who are using abusing high-risk medications. The system alerts the doctors or the clinicians to direct and prescribe their patients correctly.  This will let the doctors discuss the potential risks involved in the overdosage or high-powered medication and will bring the alternative to it.

Minister Stephen Wade also stated that “All states and territories in Australia have agreed to implement national real-time prescription monitoring as part of the solution to help save lives and reduce harm in the community.”

This move took due to National Drug Strategy Household Survey, which found 9 million Australians, age lesser than 14, have already used drugs, and also, they have been utilizing the pharmaceutical drug for non-medical purposes.

Before South Australia came up with ScriptCheckSA, Victoria introduced its SafeScript application. They have invested more than $29.5 million to implement the system.


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