Amazon Web Services to issue $12M for cloud-powered disease-fighting tools

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Amazon Web Services to issue $12M for cloud-powered disease-fighting tools

Earlier this week, Amazon Web Services announces their new plan to distribute $12 million towards cloud-powered disease detection projects.

Amazon Web Services publics the news of $12 million distribution in computing expertise and credits. As per them, this distribution got done for the cloud-powered disease-fighting tool. This plan also involves early disease detection, public health genomics, diagnostics, and prognosis projects. 

The company, via its Diagnostic Development Initiative, says it plans to help organizations worldwide for better disease detection. And don’t want to keep it limited within COVID-19-related issues.

The chief medical officer of Amazon’s COVID-19 Response, Dr. Vin Gupta, says in a statement, “We have seen transformative innovations in how we diagnose disease over the past year, from machine learning-powered X-ray imagery analysis to new developments in rapid, high quality, and direct-to-consumer tests.” He adds, “These changes will continue to evolve and improve our ability to respond to future outbreaks.”

AWS issued $20 million from the first phase of its DDI (Diagnostic Development Initiative). During that phase, it took the initiative of supporting 87 organizations’ diagnostic projects. These projects include nucleic acids, antigens, and antibodies. 

Along with that, there were data analytics tools, diagnostic imaging, and wearables. All of them used machine learning and artificial intelligence for detecting the novel coronavirus.

In this next phase, they aim to expand it more along with prioritizing COVID-19 cases. It also plans to evaluate those focusing on several other infectious diseases. 

This time the outbreaks will involve both the community and individual level. They would try to understand the disease trajectory and support viral genome sequencing worldwide.        

Like many other software giants, Amazon also decided to invest in cloud-powered healthcare technology. And that initiative took place amidst the COVID pandemic. It was in October 2020 when Microsoft opted for its generally available Healthcare platform. 

Google last April also launched its Google Cloud Healthcare API. That aimed to standardize data exchange between solutions created on Google Cloud and healthcare applications.   


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