Australia extends its telehealth services until the end of this year

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Australia extends its telehealth services until the end of this year

The federal government is setting aside AU$114 million more from its budget for the telehealth program.

The Australian government has recently come up with the announcement that it is extending its provision of telehealth services. The service that started on March 13 last year is about to end on June 30.

To support this, the federal government is having the allotment of AU$114 million more funds under the 2021-22 budget for this program. According to the Minister for Health and Aged Care Greg Hunt, the extension of the Medicare-funded telehealth services will help much. It will help in ensuring that the citizens can see their doctors, renew their scripts and seek mental support.

This is allowing for more vulnerable Australians to feel the protection and support during this time. The Medicare Benefits Schedule telehealth items are available to the healthcare sector. It will reduce the risk for community transmission of coronavirus disease. At the same time, it will protect both the patients and providers.

The services are only being available to out-of-hospital patients. They can access care from general practitioners, medical practitioners, consultant physicians, and specialists. Also, they can get access to care from nurse practitioners, allied health providers, participating midwives, along with dental practitioners.

From the past twelve months, there are more than 56 million COVID-19 MBS services that are having them delivered. At Least 13.6 million patients with AU$2.9 billion in the Medicare benefits have got the payment. There are over 83540 providers who are using telehealth services.

Minister Hunt, in November, is announcing that telehealth will be a permanent addition to medicare. At the same time, it will add to the universal health insurance system of the country.

One thing which is coming to the COVID-19 is the fact that we have skipped in a decade and made a jump from 2030 to 2020. The federal government is still working along with various agencies to come up with a more permanent post-pandemic telehealth program. It will be part of the broader primary care for the reforming of modernized medicare.


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