Australia is about to launch a Healthcare Provider Directory

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Australia is about to launch a Healthcare Provider Directory

The platform Provider Connect Australia is expected to enable greater interoperability with the adoption of secure messaging.

The Australian Digital Health Agency is responsible for the implementation of various digital health initiatives. It has announced that it will launch a healthcare provider directory online in the country. However, this directory can place and update the information regarding their services and the practitioners.

As per a press release, Provider Connect Australia is maintaining the accuracy of the healthcare services and the practitioner contact. It is also capable of sending automatic new details to the nominated hospitals, pathology and the radiology services, etc.

Previously the health organizations needed to fill out 10-20 paper or outline forms to notify the providers about the changes. The ADHA said the Provider Connect Australia is eliminating that red-tape burden.

This Agency tried out in Northern New South Wales last year. They found 99% outdated participating practitioner records held in the district’s address book.

ADHA CEO Amanda Cattermole has said that this platform will enable greater interoperability. The adoption of secure messaging across the healthcare system will add more value. Secure messaging is the key strategic priority under the National Digital Health Strategy of Australia. This new initiative will help the providers to locate each of the “securely” shared information of the patients.

The Agency is stressing that this accurate and reliable information of healthcare is the key to support the digitally connected healthcare system. It eliminates the administrative burden of manual form filling for information updates. Also, it prevents inaccurate and outdated information from entering into the system.

The platform is also expected to bring benefits to patient care. It has the most updated information, which is essential for preparing the hospital discharge summaries. It is aiming to improve the efficiency of the process for the publishers and the subscribers. Also, it will help to manage all the data and will offer prompt help which is safe, secure, and seamless for patient care.

Provider Connect Australia to deliver more than AU$30 million in yearly benefits within the coming 4 years.


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