Australian hospitals are improving the VR tech to speed up the clinician training

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Australian hospitals are improving the VR tech to speed up the clinician training

With the VR tech, it only takes 10 minutes to practice the procedure for a session through a VR platform, such as Vantari VR.

Australian hospitals are now starting to utilize VR tech or virtual related technology to practice the life- saving procedures. It will cut down the training time from a few months to a few days.

In an interview, the Australian VR Startup Vnatari VR said that at least four of the tertiary hospitals are using VR. They have incorporated the VR platform in critical care. The hospitals include the Royal Prince Alfred, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Westmead Hospital, and Nepean Hospital.

With the use of flight-simulator technology, the Vantari VR is providing medical training. They use the VR headset and the laptop. The modules it uses cover 90% of the medical procedures as part of the core training for doctors. It delivers the steps which the college guidelines have approved and recommended.

In its partnering with hospitals, junior doctors, and the trainees, they task to perform three to five sessions for the procedures. They used the Vnatari VR platform before they could perform those procedures on the patients.

In Fiona Stanley Hospital, more than 20 registrars have been educated to perform the insertions of the chest drain.

It is happening much quicker than waiting for a workshop day. It takes only 10 minutes with the use of the software to get the lessons. Also, it is engaging in better ways than using online modules like literature or videos.

Besides reducing the training times, the use of VR can also save hospitals millions of dollars for medical compensations. It will minimize the errors of the doctors.

In April, the Vantari VR got the award of $ 100000 grant from Epic Games, the American video game company of Fortnite. The startup is seeking to raise at least $2 million from the funding round, which will close in August.

The ability to practice and learn becomes easier with VR. With virtual reality, it is easy to offer education in almost any area.


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