Banner Health makes use of analytics to scale nursing documentation

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Banner Health makes use of analytics to scale nursing documentation

Many health systems have designed their electronic health records. It is resulting in a lot of noise and invaluable data elements, as Banner Health thinks.

Nursing documentation gets cited as a factor for nursing burnout. Many organizations are thinking of renewing the approach from the old philosophy of “if it is not documented, it didn’t happen.”

Banner Health has currently embraced a new philosophy to get its nurses back to the documentation. It is now leveraging an array of various data analytics and clinical dataset. It is helping to reduce duplicative and non-value-added information in the records of patient care.

Jodi Erpelding, the senior director of nursing informatics, said they started reviewing data on DATA usage. They looked at the regulatory and policy requirements. Then they adapted to the customers with their recommendations to remove or keep the documentation. If they are refusing to allow the removal, they need them to show the policy or regulation to document the element.

Erpelding will speak this week at HIMSS21 about the ECD journey of Banner. It began in 2018. Most organizations redesigned their electronic health records. It has resulted in a lot of noise and invaluable data elements.

Nurses are spending more than two and half hours documenting their shifts. If they have five patients, then it will take their entire shift for documenting. Also, physicians are documenting for long hours.

Reducing the documentation to move towards electronic solutions aids in communication and care to the patient. At the same time, it helps nurses to spend more time with their patients.

Erpelding also noted that it is important to set boundaries to add documentation. If the organizations are adding more documentation, then they need to decide on what documentation to remove. Another best practice is to have regulator and policy teams with compliance in the ECD discussions. The changes can be very effective in saving more time in the near future.

Giving clinicians the chance to do the right thing and then allowing electronic tools to remind them of the important documentation can save more time.


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