Chief nurse of England pledges worth £52M for the fast-tracking of online maternity records

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Chief nurse of England pledges worth £52M for the fast-tracking of online maternity records

Julia Gudgeon, the first national digital midwife, will now oversee the online records onwards.

The Chief nursing officer of England, Ruth May, has announced £52M of the transition from the bulk of paper records. It will be transitioned to the more cohesive and digitized maternity records.

NHS and NHS have approved Julia Gudgeon as the first national digital midwife. The plan is to oversee the digital records and to provide the national leadership. It will also help in the digitizing of maternity services.

As part of this move, Gudgeon will work with the chief midwife of NHS, Jaqueline Dunkley- Bent. Also, she will be part of the Digital Child Health and the Maternity team of the NHS.

This funding is part of a Long Term Plan commitment that came in January 2019. It also ensures the patients have access to the maternity notes and the electronic information soon.

Speaking about the NHS Confederation Conference last month, May said that this would be an essential step. Giving women easier access to their maternity record through the devices will help to have full control over their pregnancy journey.

They will have all the information and can make decisions about their care at their fingertips.

The GPS, Midwives, and other clinicians’ care will help pregnant women to have easy access to the information. It will also help in improving the experience of pregnancy. It will reduce the burden of repeating the information to each of the healthcare professionals. Also, it will improve safety to ensure that the best healthcare outcomes are coming. It will prevent the mission of the important data.


This news is following the announcement made in April about the digitization of personal child records. This move came forwards a year after the review of the government for the reduction of the health inequalities for children and babies.

This change will encourage the design of the digital, telephone, and virtual services around the needs for the care.


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