Cone Health is getting helps from Rx tech to get more accurate meds histories for Epic EHR

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Cone Health is getting helps from Rx tech to get more accurate meds histories for Epic EHR

The new technology has managed to reduce the need for phone calls to local pharmacies, along with the manual entry of medications. It is leading to more increase in staff satisfaction and better productivity.

At Cone Health, numerous phone calls took place for admission, transitions of care, discharge, etc. The calls used to go to the local pharmacies to reconcile the patient medication histories for the missing information from their previous sources. Hence they are improving the Epic EHR med histories.

As they gathered the information, they had to enter it manually into the patient record. Hence it has increased the likelihood of human error and the potential of ADEs.

It was a much perennial problem that all the health systems have with the documentation of the patient’s home medications. Before the involvement of the pharmacy, the nurse used to write down the medicines and send them to the pharmacy.

It used to take a lot of time to clarify and question things. Then the Cone Health got the electronic health record which made things better. Then they become able to have some of the prescription information which is coming in the Epic EHR. However, it was spotty. There were many problems with the completeness and the lack of information.

To improve the situation, Cone Health turned to the MedHx system for the health IT vendor DrFirst.

They needed more data with better quality. It was more about improving upon the supplier for their electronic prescription data with more connections with the pharmacies. The aim was to get all the information with a look into the patient’s prescription.

The second solution was to get better data. Dr.First made its claim that it would fill some of the blanks for the missing information that Cone Health is receiving. Also, it had the aim to make it faster to import all the information into the organization’s record of the provider.

Cone Health is having a team of pharmacy technicians who do the medication history interviews. They talk to the patients about their medications. There review that Cone Health is already having in the systems, and they also look for more additional data.

Having more data with the interviews is reducing the number of times they have to interrupt the interview. There is no need for calling the pharmacy to get the information and come back to revisit the patients. With more complete data with the first interview, the job is a bit easier than before.

In the first three months, the MedHx implementation has seen 21% of data accuracy and completeness in the medication history. Measuring the work is challenging. It is a challenge to get the objective data for improvement. However, it can complete the information collected with a significant improvement which is helping to gather more accurate medication histories.


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