Digital health startup named Nabla launches ‘Copilot’ using GPT-3 to convert patient conversations to action

You must have heard that there are a lot of things that a doctor needs to do in order to keep records of their patients apart from just checking them physically which is why there has been a lot of concern around how startups can ease the burden of paperwork on these doctors and let them focus on the main part which is to check how their patients are doing. Now, we have a new digital health startup named Nabla which has launched a service named Copilot.

Nabla has basically launched its service Copilot as a Chrome extension which can be added to the browser and it can transcribe conversation between doctors and patients from a live video call as well as recorded video. It also plans to launch an in-person consultation tool in just a few weeks. The main part where Copilot is different from any other transcription app is when it differentiates all the different conversations happening between the doctor and patients. For example, the doctor may ask you what problems you are having and what remedies you need to take as well as medications you need to take. Along with that, the doctor will also tell you when you need to follow-up with him/her.

Nabla’s Copilot translates those conversations and even converts them into different document-based endpoints such as prescriptions, follow up appointment letters as well as consultation summaries. The interesting part is that all this happens thanks to OpenAI’s GPT-3 which was widely popular due to its chatbot named ChatGPT. Nabla even wants to build its own large language model and does not want to keep using GPT-3 or its future versions.

The reason why Nabla wants to build its own large language model is explained by the statement from their CEO. Lebrun says “With all large language models, there is a risk, It’s incredibly powerful, but five percent of the time it will be completely wrong and you have no way to control that. But in healthcare we [literally] can’t live with a 5% error rate.”

Chief Medical Officer at Nabla says “As a physician, I know that doctors are always short on time and have better things to do than fill out the [electronic health record]. With Nabla’s super-powered clinical notes, doctors can now look their patients in the eye throughout the consultation, and make sure they remember every word they say by sending the encounter summary.”


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