EU and Japan are to collaborate on the robotics solutions for a healthy aging solution

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EU and Japan are to collaborate on the robotics solutions for a healthy aging solution

This new study details how the Commission and its Japanese partners have innovated a very smart robotic-based living environment.

The EU commission and Japan are strengthening their innovation and research. They are about to develop and deploy behaviorally and culturally competent care with robotics solutions. It will also help elderly people.

EU at the IDIH Week 2021 discussed the advancement of digital trends and the promotion of international cooperation. It also includes countries like the USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, etc.

IDIH is the part of the European project which is confounded through the Commission under the EU’s Horizon 2020. From the event, the report has drawn up to the detail about how the Commission and Japanese partners have created this smart living. They have also utilized robots to assist people.

As per the 2018 reports of Eurostat, the number of aged people will get tripled in 2070. Health-related age problems and chronic health conditions are very common in elderly people. However, it has created many challenges like social execution and loneliness. This is also resulting in potentially fewer caregivers available for caring for the elderly population.

International cooperation got the establishment between the EU and Japan. It has also enabled the completion of projects like ACCRA and CARESSES.

The ACCRA project uses robots for behaviorally sensitive care. These are assertive in a smart robotic walking frame. It also helps elderly people to walk and do regular exercises. CARESSES aims to design a care robot that can adapt the behavior and the speech of the poison whom it is assisting. Italy has co-created the robots. However, the Netherlands and Japan have to learn and take auctions about the cultural nuances in the user.

The Hanijao Group is the distributor of healthcare products for the aged care segments in China. It has launched a new home care service platform for Chinese seniors. In the UK, 69 other local authorities have developed ‘cobots’ to assist adult social care.


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