Glen Tullman says in the future, telehealth will turn into just health

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Glen Tullman says in the future, telehealth will turn into just health

Patients will be expecting the care to meet them where they are; this is exactly what the Livongo founder thinks.

Healthcare innovations are advancing very fast over the last few decades. However, some of the knotty problems are still here. Especially problems are still here regarding the alignment and user experience with telehealth.

According to Transparent CEO Glen Tullman, healthcare is very confusing. It is much more complex and costlier than ever, even if they are putting a lot of effort into it. Decades spent in this industry have made this thing much clearer for him.

As the dust has settled down from the blockbuster merger between Livongo and Teladoc, he thinks there is more work to do.

For Tullman, it means taking on what he sees as two of the major issues in healthcare. The two major health issues include the user experience and the gain of alignment with people who pay the bill.

His new venture is Transparent, which is aiming to address those who are getting concerned about the overhauling of the self-insured model. It is also offering a telemedicine chat option for the users.

Tullman is having a view about the revolution of telemedicine. Telemedicine is getting the spur due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been an unmistakable advantage. It is beneficial for those people mostly who might not get access to the care in the past situation. According to him, technology creates abundance.

Along with the method of virtual care, everyone could get access to a behavioral health specialist. This care service facilitates regardless of the location.

However, also there are some of the scenarios where some of the researchers have found evidence that suggests some challenges. According to some, telehealth is replicating the digital divide as some people lack the tools to access it.

As more people have turned to telemedicine, more health systems are coming into action. With the retailers like Amazon and Walmart, telemedicine is now jumping to the fray also.

However, Tullman is also predicting that telehealth itself will not be enough to go forward. In the end, it requires a very vibrant telehealth sector. As people are expecting a virtual visit, they will also expect in-person care if necessary. According to him, telehealth will be just ‘health’. Tullman expects health to meet us where we are.


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